Rio Electrolysis Hair Remover

Quick and easy hair removal suitable for all skin types! Using micro current technology, the home Electrolysis Hair Remover destroys the hair root and papilla to prevent future hair growth

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The home-use Electrolysis Hair Remover uses micro-current technology to destroy the hair root to reduce future hair growth. Unique tweezer action automatically retracts to remove unwanted hair quickly and easily. Suitable for facial hair, underarms, bikini line and other problem hairs.



  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Destroys the hair root
  • Quick and easy 
  • Targets individual hair 


How to Use:

Step 1: Wash area to be treated with warm water and mild soap. This will remove any excess oil from the skin.

Step 2: Check the speed control is on minimum and turn the unit on with the On/Off button. The On/Off light will illuminate.

Step 3: Turn the Control Dial to suit the type of hair being treated. The treatment time varies between five and thirty seconds depending on the setting

Step 4: Apply a small amount of conductive gel to the hairs which are to be treated OR put a blob of gel on the skin, into which you can dip the tweezers before taking hold of the individual hair.

Step 5: Take hold of the hair at the point where it meets the skin. Only apply a gentle pressure on the tweezers, do NOT press the button fully (see step 7). You must use a bare finger on the tweezer button. Do not wear a glove.

Step 6: The amber treatment light will start flashing, indicating the treatment is in progress. If the amber light does not come on, check the tweezers are plugged in and that you are making a good contact with the hair at the point where it meets the skin.

Step 7: When the treatment is complete you will hear a short bleep and the green ‘treatment complete indicator’ will illuminate. The hair can now be removed by increasing the pressure on the tweezer button to pluck the hair out of the hair follicle. (The unit will then automatically reset itself to start again).

Step 8: If contact with the hair is broken during treatment the amber treatment light will go out and the unit will bleep three times. If the contact is not re-established within three seconds the treatment timer will assume you have moved onto a fresh hair and will restart the treatment programme.


Treatment Areas:

Suitable for facial hair, underarms, bikini line and other problem hairs. 



Do not treat the following areas: pimples, warts, hair on black spots or moles, dark freckles, skin disease, burns, eczema, or eyelashes.



  • Electrolysis Hair Remover Unit
  • 85ml Conductive Gel
  • 9v battery
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