AIBI Vita Chair

AIBI Vita Chair is a natural exercise that makes you feels rejuvenated after each workout. The Whole body vibration function energizes every cell of the body, works all of your muscles group, improves circulations, joint flexibility and fulfills the needs of a stressless mind and a healthy body. Rock for Equilibrium The unique SLEEP MODE is a natural cradling movement like the entourage massage technic that helps relax the intrinsic muscles around the spine. You simply enjoy the same soothing sensation of being cradled like a baby or fetus “swimming” in your mum’s womb once upon a time. A harmonic rhythmic movement that is naturally relaxing and total stressless Vibrate for Fitness Whole Body Vibration is widely known for its many benefits in improving fitness, muscle strength, bone density, flexibility and enhancing sports performance. Circulate the Health Combining both Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) function increases the Nitric Oxide (NO) supply to our body and brain, it is known to improve mental fitness, cardio wellbeing, regulate blood pressure, anti-inflammation function, enhance metabolism system.

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