AbTronic NARL Beaute with EMS

AbTronic® NARL shapes your body by targeting problem areas. It combines the patented NARL ultrasound stimulation with the clinically tested AbTronic® EMS technology which is very popular in high-end slimming clinics.

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AbTronic® NARL shapes your body using patented ultrasound stimulation with EMS.


  • NARL Ultrasound Stimulation & EMS technology
  • High end rechargeable control unit with LCD
  • 4 Modes for NARL® Ultrasound and EMS
  • 9 EMS intensity levels
  • Haptic feedback for NARL stimulation
  • Splash water resistant
  • Durable high end silicon pads for ultrasound and EMS stimulation
  • Effective conductive gel pads
  • 2 pcs high end fitting belt
  • Carry bag for all accessories
  • Storage pads for stimulation pads
  • Cable ties
  • Manual
  • Quick start guide

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